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From women in the Edmonton Area who have attended our programs.

“I have come a long way at LIT and its been such a learning experience for me, so far. I’m very proud of myself to be able to say that I am still in the LIT program, and holding on to the end. I have been involved in almost everything in this program, and I am at the point now that I don’t want to miss anything. Its been a sweet ride so far, and I can’t wait to see the end now. I love the idea that when finished, I will be able to say that I accomplished the LIT program.

I had no idea how great this program would be when I started LIT. I am impressed with myself for showing up everyday. I don’t like to miss any days. LIT has really motivated me to keep moving forward with my life. I have learned to stay strong with everything in life as well.

My life has changed forever now that I have been in this program. I have many pieces from the first three components that I can take with me on my journey in life. I will never forget being in this program, its become something that I will always fall back on. I can’t say enough positive statements about this program. I have become close to everyone at LIT and will come back and say hi after I have moved on with my future goals.”

“LIT has given me courage and strength to continue being me. I lost myself somewhere in my last relationship. I have acquired skills that I once had forgotten I had them and LIT has helped me find them again.”

“I found the best portion of the program to be the constant support and skills that we were offered, Not to mention I found new friends and will continue to think of LIT as my family. That in itself says a lot about the staff and clients at LIT.”

“I would recommend LIT to other women who are leaving an abusive relationship as it helps a person grow providing that person is willing to change for the betterment of her life and for her children’s lives”

“I came into this program, with a lot of reservations that it would help me. I have so many issues and I really felt like giving up. This program was my last hope of feeling better about myself and changing my lifestyle for me and my family. I really needed to learn how to let go of the past and deal with my demons and scars. The first couple of weeks here I found it really hard and considered not coming back, although something told me not to quit. I can’t keep running from my problems forever. I feel so relieved knowing that other people are going through the same things as I am It makes it so much easier.”

“I was in a relationship with a man who exerted power and control by emotional and verbal means and manipulation. He got me pregnant our first night together and had me hooked in for an emotional rollercoaster of verbal and emotional manipulation for 3 years. We have two kids and he still refuses to believe its over….BUT IT IS!!! I went to Alberta Works and with talking to one of the workers there I found out about LIT. LIT has helped me focus on me, it has helped me re-establish MY self-esteem, MY power, MY control of MY life! I have two amazing kids from him BUT he is no longer in control. I HATE rollercoaster’s now and I am on my life’s PATH and not on his RIDE. I am walking on my path and out of his amusement park. LIT has shown me and given me the tools I need to know the past, grow in the present and live for the future.”