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How We Help

We are here to help all women who have experienced Domestic Violence, take back their lives.

Our Partnership Approach

Our trauma-informed, individualized approach means we aim to understand your situation as you share your story with us.  In our Service Needs Determination Assessment, we actively listen to identify your skills, needs, and opportunities. 

Together, we then develop a Service Plan and provide connections to the supports you need to succeed.  We are your partners on this journey, and we want to help you by understanding your unique  history, fears, and what your goals are for the future.  

We deliver all of our programming and services through a trauma-informed lens, ensuring that every client feels safe and supported. Our  personalized and effective services that are tailored to each individual’s needs. 

We help you to navigate the impact domestic violence has had on every area of your life, so that you can heal and move forward for a brighter tomorrow.

Why Come To LIT?

At Lives in Transition we are proud to deliver our programming using a holistic, trauma-informed approach to servicing and supporting women.

The Person-Centered One-Stop Centre Support Model (PS-OSC) is the globally recognized standard of practice for supporting survivors of violence against women and girls during their periods of recovery and reintegration into society.

Our LIT program represents a key destination in a woman’s transition to employment or further education. With our tailored employment preparation programming, we offer a wide network of wrap-around supports for women who have experienced domestic violence, such as established community referrals to aid in stabilization, recovery, and overall mental health and well-being.

Our approach honors the dignity of every woman who seeks our supports, recognizing their values, rights, will, and capabilities.

Our location’s security is top-notch, with fobs, buzzed entry, and CCTV to guarantee the personal safety of our clients, whether attending in-person or virtual programs.  

What can I expect from Lives In Transition's Trauma-Informed Approach?

  1. We help you recognize traumatic events and the impact on your life through the assessment process and targeted workshops on Understanding Domestic Violence and Understanding Sexual Exploitation.
  2. We help ensure the physical and emotional safety of clients through ongoing Safety check-ins and Safety Plan creation and maintenance.
  3. We help foster a sense of trust through developing relationships with program staff during the assessment process, during Orientation Week and through structured one-on-one check ins while attending the program.
  4. We help facilitate opportunities for peer support and mentorship through the program’s Peer Support Initiative.
  5. We use collaboration, autonomy and strength-based approaches in the program delivery. Group-based learning fosters collaboration between women and builds a sense of teamwork and social connection.  Work experience placements and volunteer opportunities help further build thee collaboration skills. Program staff utilize a strengths-based approach through motivational interviewing, ongoing check ins and follow up to help women identify opportunities and cope with challenges.
  6. We are responsive to cultural, historical, and gender issues by providing program staff with opportunities to develop cultural humility and cultural competency, providing access to culturally significant leaders such as our Indigenous Elder and by collaborating with professionals and community organizations to deliver culturally-relevant and diverse Targeted Workshops that aim to support the needs and skills development of women from diverse backgrounds – such as immigrant, refugee and Indigenous communities.

Step 1: Contact Us

Our supportive staff will answer your call and help you learn more about LIT’s services, available resources, and book appointments. If you wish to book an appointment, we will collect your information and schedule a meeting that is safe for you. If we are unavailable to take your call, please leave a message providing your name and number, and let us know if it’s safe to leave you a message when we return your call. We prioritize your safety and will only leave a message if you tell us it is safe.

You may contact us by:

Phone:  780-496-9224


WhatsApp:  587-986-3351

Step 2: Complete Your Assessment

Our intake specialists will help to assess your needs, goals and fears so that we can help you find the path that’s right for you.  We are committed to providing a Judgement-Free safe zone for you to share your story, and be heard.

Step 3: Choose a Start Date

We have continuous Start Dates and will send you a list of options so you can select the date that best fits your schedule.

Step 4: Begin Your Program

Our programs range from 12-24 weeks depending on your needs and goals.  Program details:

  • Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:30pm with consistent coursework
  • Counselling throughout the program
  • Can be attended online or in person
  • Laptop computer rental program is available
  • Volunteer or unpaid work experience opportunities are available if desired to help with education and employment goals

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