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Our Program

Trauma-Informed & Compassionate Programs for Women

We are dedicated to empowering women who have experienced domestic abuse. Through employment placement services and holistic physical and mental health supports, we help women overcome any obstacle and thrive. 

Our partnership with the Alberta Government allows us to offer no-cost specialized programs that break down barriers to employment for victims of family violence. We firmly believe in the boundless strength and potential of every woman we work with, and we are committed to helping them realize their full potential and achieve their freedom and their dreams.

What we provide

  • Access to psychologists
  • Supportive case management
  • Skill-based training
  • Mentorship
  • Connections to community agencies for ongoing support
  • Comprehensive course work
  • Business modeling to gain workplace related skills
  • Employment/Education placement and follow ups based on each client’s individual goals

"Our program helps rebuild self-confidence and connects women to resources to overcome isolation and diminish the impact of domestic violence. empowering victims to achieve their goals is how we make change last."


who we help

Women Ages 18-64

Who have been affected by or experienced domestic violence. This includes violence experienced in a family as a child, with an intimate partner, co-worker, boss, friend or child.


Women who are experiencing consistent difficulties in attaining and maintaining long term meaningful employment and/or education.

Victims of Sexual Exploitation

Women or individuals identifying as female, and who have experiened sexual exploitation, are encouraged to reach out.

overwhelmed, anxious or fearful

Women who do not always know where to start, but know they want something different would benefit from our program and supportive services.

What we aim to achieve together

– Identify any obstacles you may be facing and help work through them together

– Have the opportunity to develop your employability skills and gain confidence.

– Understand the local job market in Edmonton and support you to find work, including work placement opportunities.

– Build strong relationships with our support system and learn effective coping mechanisms to tackle challenges.

– Feel confident in applying for jobs, and be able to deal with any feelings of anxiety with ease.

– Engage in healthy activities to stay motivated and learn how to identify and continue to build healthy relationships.

– Feel empowered to maintain stability in your life, be independent and fulfill your goals.

– Have the opportunity to connect with the community and build up your support network.

– Our consistent counseling to help our you focus on solutions to achieve your program goals and maintain stability.

– Successfully attach to your employment and/or education goals so you can achieve long-term success.

Start Your Assessment Today

Our intake process will prepare you for success in the program.  We will work with you to support your needs and understand your situation.  We will identify areas on interest for employment, and areas of vulnerability where our peer and professional supports will help you overcome any challenge.  If you’re ready to make a change, we are here to help.