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Lives In Transition

Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

With a trauma-informed approach, we empower women to overcome any situation by reducing barriers to employment and education

Welcome to LIT

Lives in Transition is committed to empowering women and victims of family violence. Since 2013, we have successfully supported over 900 women in overcoming barriers to employment and education. We believe that every woman deserves to be in control of their lives, regardless of their past experiences. With our expertise in employment placement and training programs, we offer a platform for women to overcome adversities and thrive. We are here to provide an unwavering support system for any woman who needs it.

We're here for you

I Need help

Domestic Violence can have lasting impacts on your life. You are not alone on this journey. We can help. Contact us today.

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We help you get prepare for different job options through education, training & practical experience. Once you finish, we'll help you find a job and continue to support you as you start your new career.

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If you know someone who needs help, we can provide resources, advice and be here when they're ready to reach out.

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Our Experience Speaks Volumes

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What Makes Us Different?

Trauma-Informed Approach

Our approach to understanding and addressing domestic violence is trauma-informed. We are here to listen to your story and understand the impact that domestic violence has had on your life.

Judgement-free Zone

We offer support for victims of domestic violence, regardless of their situation. Nobody deserves to be a victim of abuse. Rest assured, we won't judge you and our doors are always open to offer assistance.

Collaborative Learning

Our programs provide learning opportunities in group settings, allowing us to learn and grow together. When we support each other, we can accomplish anything.

Work Experience Placements

Our program offers job training and work placements to enhance your career development and gain practical experience. We work with local businesses to tailor work placements to your interests/goals for real-world experience. Our goal is to help you become a skilled, in-demand employee.

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You can conquer anything

Even in our hardest situations are opportunities to grow. We are here to listen and work together to create a plan for your safety and empowerment. Our team provides the resources and guidance needed to overcome every obstacle. Let’s create a brighter future free from domestic violence. We believe you can conquer anything.

What Our Clients Say

“LIT has given me courage and strength to continue being me. I lost myself somewhere in my last relationship. I have acquired skills that I once had forgotten I had them and LIT has helped me find them again.”
“I found the best portion of the program to be the constant support and skills that we were offered, Not to mention I found new friends and will continue to think of LIT as my family. That in itself says a lot about the staff and clients at LIT.”
“I would recommend LIT to other women who are leaving an abusive relationship as it helps a person grow providing that person is willing to change for the betterment of her life and for her children’s lives”

Ready to Take the First Step?

Our team is here for you. We understand your journey ahead.  Contact us today.