LIT Program

Lives in Transition is a 30 week holistic program assisting women who are recovering from domestic violence relationships and are hoping to get back into the labour market or move onto further education. Change is hard and LIT understands that, we look at each of our clients as they come through our program as the strong women that they are. Society wants to think that women who have experienced a cycle of violence are weak but we know different.

Throughout the 6 months that a client can be with our program they move through 3 components of programming. Throughout the first eight weeks we address Understanding Family Violence in a group sharing model. Throughout the next eight weeks we teach clients about life management skills. Our program finishes up with the employment preparation model. Our goal is to help all our clients achieve their long term goals and move onto sustainable employment and/or education.

There is self confidence and self esteem to be gained through self sufficiency. Our goal is to address each clients psychological barriers to employment and day to day life and to move each client along their own individual spectrum towards self sufficiency.

Our Program includes the following:

  • Access to psychologists.
  • Supportive case management.
  • Occupation-related skill training.
  • Mentorship throughout the program.
  • Support for transportation costs.
  • Connections and referrals to community agencies that can assist each client.
  • Comprehensive course work, designed to increase our clients skills and self confidence in a supportive group environment.
  • Various community presentations throughout the six months to increase each clients connection to their community resources.
  • Business modeling, designed to help clients gain important work place ready skills.
  • Employment/ Education placement and follow ups with each client, based on their individual goals.

Eligibility Requirements

Our staff will conduct assessments over several appointments in order to support clients to become stable. Completion of an initial family violence risk assessment is the first stage of the assessment process. In the second stage of the assessment the intake counsellor will complete an RWA (ready willing and able) determination as well as an employability assessment. To be eligible for our programming, the client must meet the below listed requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Residing in Edmonton and/or Surrounding area
  • Possesses barriers to Employment resulting from Domestic violence that do not restrict the clients participation and/or ability to successfully complete the program
  • Unemployed and/or marginally employed
  • Clients may be funded through employment insurance, Income support or may be self sufficient

LIT recommends that prior to program start, the client has:

Childcare supports in place
Secure housing (we can assist if necessary)
Addiction supports in place if necessary
  Absolute ability to commit to Monday to Friday 9:00AM – 2:30PM barring emergency situations

Domestic Violence is a community issue that isolates and diminishes its victims. Through our programming, connection to resources and rebuilding a clients self confidence and skills we hope to show each client that they have value and help them reintegrate into society and achieve their goals.